About eMONEco

“Architecting the future of electronic funds flow.”

Who We Are

eMONEco, Inc. (OTCQB: EMON) is a unique program manager and innovator of cloud-based multi-channel banking, payments, commerce and remittance solutions that are at the forefront of the electronic payments movement and radically changes and improves the way issuers deploy, manage, and market their card solutions.

Quick Facts

  • Year founded
  • September 25, 2007
  • Mascot Ventures, Inc.

  • Reverse Merger Completed
  • December 13, 2013
  • eMONEco, Inc. Announcement

  • Headquarters
  • Leawood, Kansas

Our mission is to empower the underserved, enhance the financial services and funds security features delivered to consumers, and reduce the electronic payment processing expenses of businesses across the globe.

What We Do

eMONEco, Inc. designs and markets products and services that:

  • Empower the unbanked and underserved.
  • Enhance the financial services and funds security of banked members of society.
  • Reduce electronic payments processing expenses and settlement periods, while increasing the profitability of businesses who service the banked, unbanked, and underserved members of society.

Our Belief

We believe that all members of society should be given financial:

  • Access Every individual, regardless of financial or credit status, deserves access to the same financial tools and services afforded credit worthy and financially secure members of society
  • Choice All members of society should be able to securely and selectively choose how to manage their hard earned dollars and to choose a device in which to drive funds management and control.
  • Perspective When thinking about a ‘mobile’ solution, the focus should be on mobilizing the technologies that deliver services to a person, not forcing a person to be limited by a single service technology.