Reseller Application Form

Thank you for your interest in our mobile monē multi-channel banking, remittance, payments and electronic commerce platform. To create optimal relationships, eMONEco requires potential Resellers to provide certain detailed information. Due to the serious nature of this subject matter, only complete applications are given consideration. If a category or question does not apply, indicate so with Not Applicable. If you have questions, please contact your mobile monē primary point of contact.

Key contact

Reseller Project Resources

Identify your available and dedicated internal staff and their respective roles during project implementation and ongoing, if it differs.

Diagnosis: Where are you right now?

Company Product(s)/Service(s)

Target Market Assessment


Identify the most effective methods for getting product/service to a customer in your target market(s).

Comes to the businessWe go the the customerCombination
Trial OffersPremiumsOther Incentives
Do you use web-based distribution?YesNo
Do you make it accessible to get to your product/service?YesNo
Do you make it accessible to get information about your product/service?YesNo

Promotional Strategy

Do you have a business retention strategy?YesNo

Marketing Message

Does the audience for the media selected match your target market profile?YesNo
Do you have a public relations strategy? Please provide it. (Please include a separate document by attaching at the end of this form.)YesNo



Company Mission Statement

Everything your company does should be guided by and be consistent with your Mission Statement. If you do not already have a mission statement, create one. Refer to it often as you complete this application and your marketing and sales plan. If available, you may also provide your current strategic or business plan, attach at the end of the form.

Supportive Material

Please provide additional information that you believe further positions your organization to be selected as a mobile monē Reseller.