eMONEco, Inc. can help you realize the growth you expect with our eMONE Merchant Services programs. We will create a program aligned with your business goals, sales objectives and the needs of your customer base.

With greater insight and visibility into how your merchant services program is performing, we will work together to identify ways to improve your revenue growth and create an overall more favorable customer experience.

Merchant Services


If you are interested in a profitable merchant services program, look no further. In today’s market, financial institutions and businesses in general continue to search for ways to drive more revenue, grow organically and increase profitability measurements. Dependence on merchant services is increasingly important in helping attract, retain and grow business portfolios. With record numbers of new businesses opening every day, merchant services are an effective way to attract new commercial accounts or consumers to your business.

  • Our tailored merchant services approach is designed to deliver:
    Our tailored merchant services approach is designed to deliver:
    • Reduced Interchange for the merchant, while increasing earnings for the financial institutions providing our services.
    • Faster settlement for the merchants and the financial institutions delivering services to them.
    • More sales opportunities – Our feet-on-the-street approach makes us part of your sales team, allowing us to participate in team meetings while conveying your brand and specific initiatives for your clients.
    • More revenue – Create more sales opportunities and increase revenue growth from your merchant customer base.
    • Better customer experiences – Deliver a better customer experience for your merchants that results in higher levels of satisfaction and loyalty.
    • Greater visibility and accountability – Receive more insight into how your merchant services investment is working and performing.