Whether you are new to prepaid and looking for help designing an innovative product to market; experienced in prepaid and looking for a way to convert a non-profitable program into a profitable one; or an existing program manager interested in adding more value to your current offerings, eMONEco, Inc. is here to help.

Our proprietary cloud-based platform affords us the ability to easily deliver multi-channel functionality to the programs we manage and support.

Prepaid Program Management

Our prepaid card programs offer a superior value proposition to our partners and their customers. Every aspect of an eMONEco, Inc. prepaid card program can be customized to meet the objectives of a partner:

  • Cards and Collateral Materials Management
    Cards and Collateral Materials Management
    • Card and Collateral Materials Design
    • Association Approval
    • Card Procurement
    • Inventory Management
  • Card Issuance Management
    Card Issuance Management
    • Instant Issue Fulfillment
    • Personally Embossed Fulfillment
    • Virtual Card Fulfillment
    • Photo ID/Custom Photo Card Option
  • Settlement Services
    Settlement Services
    • Association Settlement
    • ACH Settlement
    • Check Settlement
    • Reject Management
    • Daily Account Reconciliation
    • Reserve Management
  • Partner Transaction Processing Services
    Partner Transaction Processing Services
    • Loads (Cash; Check; Loan Proceeds)
    • Account Debiting (Loan Payments; Cash Bank)
  • Risk Management
    Risk Management
    • Fraud Monitoring
    • Chargeback Processing
    • Exceptions Management
    • Ancillary Services
  • Bilingual Customer Service
    Bilingual Customer Service
    • Live Agent
    • Online/Mobile Web (Custom Client Site)
    • IVR Phone System and SMS Text Alerts
    • Dedicated Retailer Support Team
  • Cardholder Application Process
    Cardholder Application Process
    • Integrated Data Collection
    • Instant OFAC Screening Process
    • Documentary and Non-Documentary CIP Options
    • CSR, IVR, Web, SMS and Triggered Account Activation Services
  • Network Processing Services
    Network Processing Services
    • ACH Transactions
    • Network Transactions
    • Remittance Transactions
    • Personalized Check Transactions
    • Mobile Deposit Capture Deposits
    • Account to Account Transactions
  • Cardholder Account Management
    Cardholder Account Management
    • Individual DDA Sub-Account Issuance
    • FDIC Insured Funds
    • Fiduciary Accounts
  • Compliance
    • Regulatory/Association Compliance
    • Money Transmitter Agency
    • Multiple Bank Sponsorships
    • Reporting
    • Consolidated Reporting Package
    • Daily Reports or Real-time Feed
  • Value Added Services
    Value Added Services
    • Custom Perks Program
    • Discount Savings Programs
    • Online Bill Pay Integration
    • Reporting
    • Savings Feature

In summary, from card and collateral materials design to cardholder web, SMS, and phone interfaces to product design and pricing, we design custom programs from the ground up to ensure the highest levels of partner and cardholder satisfaction.

Our custom program management and processing solutions are perfect for those Financial Institutions, Businesses and Organizations who want to have all the benefits of “being in the business” while reducing or completely eliminating the operational and compliance risks.